Our Story

Hi & thank you so much for taking time to find out more about us!
My name is Izabela and i have founded Silk Prestige in 2018. I'm a wifey and a busy mum to 2 wonderful boys.  
So what is Silk Prestinge all about  - We specialize in high quality silk flower arrangements which can  be rented on a monthly basis. 
We have a big porfolio of corporate clients in Dublin. We supply them with flowers every month and our goal is to expand nationwide in 2023.
On this website however you can find some of our arrangements which you can purchase and we hope they will last you a lifetime! 
All of our  arrangements are manufactured using only the best materials available. They are then set in our unique resin which gives the illusion of water in the vase, adding to the truly lifelike appearance We also have arrangements set in cermainc vases and our uniqe range of Botany diffusers which are trully a wonderful gift for anyone who loves flowers ;-). 
Dont foget to check out our insta @silk_prestige 
Thank you,