Our Story

Inspired by florals, their beautiful colours, shapes and scents - where our business has it’s origins.

We are passionate about flowers and our aim is to bring amazing sustainable arrangements to offices, restaurants, beauty salons, any public spaces and homes. 

We also have a unique range of floral diffusers which are an amazing gift. 

Izabela Chudzicka  - Bux established the company in 2018 in Dublin. 

"I worked in hospitality, media and event managements for over 15 years. Especially during my time working in hospitality I have realized how much money was spend on flowers each month which would unfortunately die very quickly and also cause a lot of problems  if customers had pollen allergies.  I believe our sustainable rental offer is the future for many businesses as not only our flowers are often better looking than the "real thing" they are also water free, pollen free and mess free. 

I'm committed  to provide the best customer service and I understand how important it is to supply our customers with the best quality product on the market"