Elevate Your Space with Our Silk Flowers

Sustainable - Mess Free - Water & Pollen Free

Lift the mood of employees, clients and guests with clean, beautiful, sustainable, water and pollen free, real-like silk flowers.
Silk Prestige offer a high quality, luxurious, sustainable and cost effective alternative to real flower arrangements for any public spaces such as offices, restaurants, hotels, golf clubs and salons.

We offer Ireland's only bespoke silk flower service to ensure that we pick the right style, colour, shape and size for your space, all delivered right to your door.

Our silk flower arrangements are changed monthly to ensure that they always look fresh and in season.

Where real flowers are expensive and require a lot of time and effort to maintain, our silk flower arrangements provide an equal and often better look at a fraction of the cost.

Silk Prestige is part of the ITTN Group which includes ITTN.ie, TravelTimes.ie and travel2ireland.ie.

Contact corporate@silkprestige.com for more information.