Silk Flowers - Sustainability and Beauty in One

Silk Flowers - Sustainability and Beauty in One

Artificial flowers. What first comes to mind when you think of them? Most people imagine the unpopular ‘plastic’ ranges - frayed petals, unnaturally hard stems and a shared cookie-cutter appearance, essentially printed, painted and left to wither away. Except they can’t, because they’re not biodegradable.

Thankfully, a lot has changed since the invention of artificial flowers. The introduction of silk flowers is a game-changer, their quality and authenticity far surpasses all of its previous creations from paper to fabric, and they have now quickly become an exceptional alternative to the real thing.

Decorators, designers, architects and florists now use them to add an extra touch of beauty and elegance to interiors. At Silk Prestige, our aim is to make the pleasure of flowers more accessible and sustainable, so you get to lift the mood of employees, clients and guests with clean, biodegradable, water and pollen free flowers.

Why Silk Flower Corporate Rental is for You!

For public spaces such as offices, restaurants, hotels, golf clubs and salons, our silk flower rental is a brilliant alternative to purchasing plastic arrangements or taking care of the real thing.

Why? For starters, it’s cost effective, with a luxury arrangement starting at just 49/pm. Bespoke arrangements are priced on request, and you can avail of discounts when placing an order of three or more arrangements.

Dreading changing the water? Worry not! Our flower arrangements come in clear glass vases in water like resin, so there’s no threat of an accident or a case of murky water.

Because we want these arrangements to last, our flowers are extremely durable but most importantly, still delicate looking. You don’t have to be worried about snapping stems or falling petals.

For those with allergies, our silk flowers are completely pollen free! But worry not, they still smell amazing - we offer floral diffusers designed to emulate the real smell of fresh flowers, so you get to enjoy both the look and smell of your arrangements. A quick spritz of fragrance also livens the look of petals, giving them a dewy and fresh look.

But what do they look like?

Our silk flowers are perfectly imperfect! Each element is moulded to replicate a real flower, with all of its flaws. They are then artificially dyed to achieve the perfect colour and intensity. Because of this process, every flower is different; from stem to petal. This makes each arrangement look realistic, and makes sure each flower is a delight to look at.

What about sustainability?

Corporate rental allows for greater sustainability because we are able to reuse flowers and arrangements, whether bespoke or not, for different occasions, year round.

When it’s time to retire some of our fabulous displays, we donate them to hospitals or nursing homes across the country under our Giving for Joy programme.

Can it get any better? Yes it can! We plant a tree for every new client under the Crann Easy Treesie Project, ensuring we are working toward a common goal of saving the planet for future generations.



If you are looking for corporate rental, please contact for more information. Looking for an arrangement for home? You’re in luck! We have several different flower arrangements available here, so you can enjoy the ease and beauty of silk flowers from the comfort of your home.

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